I am afraid that, in my personal opinion, the world needs numerous “things” right now, and to ask us to only pick one is rather cruel and unusual. It is akin to asking someone if they would prefer the Dalai Lama to be allowed to attend Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's birthday party at the expense of their TV (upon which they saw the news story broadcast) that was imported from our oriental trading partners. It is no choice a man should ever have to make, his TV or championing the rights of a non-violent, eternal leader of an oppressed people. Never an easy choice. So instead of elaborating on “the one thing the world needs right now”, I will, very briefly, mention “A few things the world needs right now”.

Firstly, good eloquence and proper diction should be made mandatory on Facebook. If one were to post sub-standard prose during a status update, Mark Zuckerberg and his minions would, without hesitation, delete that profile until such time as they have shown remorse and amended the errors of their ways. It is torture enough to read the endless drivel our “friends” consider interesting, but for it to be grammatically incorrect, as well as boring, is something I cannot bear.

Secondly, we need a “Julius Malema” from each racial group. Whites, Indians and Coloureds need to find that special someone to represent the rights of their youth; perhaps the census that is currently under way could be used as a tool to narrow it down to a few prospects. I feel that a “Julius” from each group would be a great resource for many South Africans. Comedians would have more material, dinner conversation would never be dull and news publications would weep tears of joy at the choice of headlines they would have at their disposal.

Thirdly, and lastly, (I am afraid that my creative genius has been capped to 500 words) the world needs a bit of common sense. I know that this is very broad and, much like asking for world peace, works well in front a panel of beauty pageant judges but holds no real water. However I feel the two previous “things” were very specific, so I am allowed to be a bit more “Miss Teen America” in my third requirement.

Is it too much to ask of our fellow man, most notably our political leaders, to let sense prevail and logic dictate what actions they take in life? If a man is released on medical parole and is still alive after one year, put him back in jail. If a drunk driver kills another road user and is not present at his court hearing, arrest him. If a municipal manager is not performing, remove him from his position. It is not difficult my friends, all it takes is a small amount of careful consideration in your decision making and we will thank you for it. - Independent Newspapers Cadet School