File photo: Chris Collingridge / INLSA

 Johannesburg – Three people were arrested, for allegedly printing fake vehicle license discs, after a raid at an internet cafe in central Johannesburg on Tuesday, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said.

"The raid was part of an ongoing efforts to address corruption and reduce the number of unroadworthy vehicles dispatched on our roads, as the result of unlawful operations, and ultimately improve safety on the roads,"  RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane said.

The National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit (NTACU) and other law enforcement agencies conducted the raid.

"During the joint operation called ‘DOMINO’, NTACU, the South African Police Services, Gauteng Traffic Compliance unit on Tuesday in central Johannesburg confiscated computers, printers allegedly used to produce illegal license disks for un-roadworthy vehicles that would not be passed at a traffic licensing department," he said. 

Zwane said that authorities also seized fake bank statements and pay slips that they suspect were being used to access credit illegally.

"The RTMC is working tirelessly to get rid of unroadworthy vehicles that continue to kill innocent road users. We urge all engaged in the distribution of fake license discs to submit and cooperate with the law enforcement authorities."