A first class dinner menu from onboard the Titanic is on display at Bonhams auction house.

London - Two menus from the Titanic have sold for a combined £100,000 (about R14-million) at auction.

One was for a meal for first-class passengers the day the ship made its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912.

It was taken as a souvenir by two fishmonger brothers, Richard and Stanley May, who boarded in Southampton and disembarked the next day in Queenstown, Ireland.

Listing such dishes as plaice, steak and lobster, it had been kept in the family and fetched £64,000 at a sale in Wiltshire on Saturday.

The second menu was for a grand lunch held to celebrate the launch of the Titanic on May 31, 1911. It made £36,000 in the same sale.

The liner sank on April 15, 1912, after hitting an iceberg while on its way to New York. The death toll was 1,502. - Daily Mail