Some of the top achievers from Durban’s girls’ schools were Rosa Ballantine of Durban Girls’ High School, with Westville Girls’ High School pupils Caroline Tyrell, Pia Scharein, Jenna Moodie and Sinovuyo Bata. They each obtained seven distinctions. Picture: Jacques Naude

Durban - Top achievers from some of Durban’s girls’ schools say their advice for the class of 2017 is to work consistently and to ensure there is a good balance between study and relaxation.

Durban Girls’ High pupil Rosa Ballantine, who obtained seven distinctions, said the year was different from what she expected.

“There were lots of exams, which was stressful."

“Final exams had space between them allowing for a breather.”

Ballantine, who said she relaxed by ice-skating, will be taking a gap year to visit her sister in London.

Westville Girls’ High School pupil Pia Scharein, who obtained seven As, found matric challenging but manageable.

She will be studying animal science with the intention of doing veterinary science at the University of Pretoria in her second year.

Her advice for this year’s matric pupils was they should work to targets they set.

She said to relax she ran, played hockey and went to the gym. Fellow Westville Girls’ High School pupil Sinovuyo Bata, who also obtained seven distinctions, said she found matric easier than Grade 11.

She will be studying towards a bachelor of commerce degree in accounting at UCT this year.

Sinovuyo said this year’s matric pupils should avoid trying to study the night before an examination. “They must ensure they revise during holidays and push hard for just that year.”

Caroline Tyrell, also from Westville, said her matric year was quite challenging, as she was a dancer who faced both shows and exams. “This was one of the best years of my life,” she said.

Caroline, who also obtained seven distinctions, will be staying in Durban to teach ballet and will head to the University of Pretoria to study chemical engineering next year.

Another dancer from Westville, Jenna Moodie, who obtained seven distinctions, described her matric year as good, but busy.

She will be studying towards a teaching degree at Unisa and will teach dancing at her alma mater.

She advised matriculants to live a balanced life: “Spend time with family and friends, work hard and do not give up when the going gets tough.”

Danville Park Girls’ High School pupil Riya Santhilal, who will be studying actuarial science at UCT, also obtained seven distinctions. She said maths and accounting were her best subjects.

Another Danville Park pupil Romal Naidoo, who also obtained seven As, said she wanted to study medicine this year and enjoyed maths.

Her advice to this year’s matric pupils was to have faith in God and work hard.

Temia Kasavan, also from Danville Park, and who also obtained seven distinctions, advised matric pupils not to procrastinate and to enjoy the year.

Temia, who has yet to decide what she will be studying this year, described her matric year as difficult, but exciting.

She said she baked to relax.

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