File picture: INLSA
The world can be a dangerous place especially for a globe trotting tourist, but a new interactive Travel Risk map, spells out which countries are the ones to worry about.

Security risk management firm International SoS Control Risks has released its Travel Risk Map for 2018 and South Africa received some mixed results.

The map measured countries in terms of road safety, security and quality of medical care for travelers.

When it came to countries most likely to put a traveler’s health at risk, South Africa fared well and compared to First World countries like Australia, the US and Canada.

On the map low risk countries are marked with green, medium yellow, high in orange, very high red and those where tourists faced the most risk, like in Brazil and Russian, in light brown.

In regards to security, South Africa is considered medium risk and sits with countries such as Russia, India and Brazil.

Security risks in Greenland, Iceland, Finland and Switzerland were considered by the map as insignificant, while low in Canada, the US, Spain and Japan.

But where South Africa scored badly was in the road safety category, as with the most of Africa.

Other countries that posed the greatest risk on the roads include Brazil, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

However countries like Australia, Canada and Norway had the safest roads while the US was considered moderate.

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