Paris (9 ) (NB: preffered not to give surnames) and her sister Arielle (6) experience the mystical energy given off by the male and female ancient Himalayan crystal skulls that were on show and for people to experience on day three of the Conference . 'UFO' Science and Consciousness Conference 25-27 Nov 2011 held at the Wits School of education Johannesburg with 13 International Speakers and presented by Michael Tellinger.

A world war unseen by most, alien civilisations on Mars and the truth is out there behind a thousand conspiracy theories.

The alien believers filled the Linder Auditorium in Joburg and listened for two days to alien abductees, paranormal researchers and even alchemists.

To the non-believers, the talk was scary. They learnt that their DNA is mixed up with that of aliens and that a war against an alien race had just been fought – alien underground bases were taken out.

The non-believers might have noticed those earthquakes recently. That was the war going on. The good news? We won.

But the non-believers can take solace in the fact that evidence for some of these theories is questionable and is pooh-poohed by conventional science.

It was the first ever UFO Science and Consciousness Conference in South Africa. The speakers came from around the world.

Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of one-time US president Dwight Eisenhower, told the conference how she was recruited to take part in a mission to Mars, but was able to escape.

In fact, travel to Mars is old news, according to Eisenhower. Martians have been teleporting people to our nearest planet back when Abba was big in the 1970s.

Surely with the blast-off of the Martian rover Curiosity on Saturday the days of secret Mars bases and alien civilisations would be numbered? The rover is set to touch down on Mars eight-and-a-half months from now, and it will then begin a search for life.

“No,” said conference-goer, Anne Forbes, “it is all a cover-up.” Governments are in cahoots and don’t want to reveal the Martian secret, she said.

Forbes has seen UFOs since the age of 18 months. Once she saw 12 or 13 UFOs just off the Golden Highway, south of Joburg. Her friend Merton Lipschitz spotted a UFO at the age of 12 while he and his brother stared up at the night sky looking for the Sputnik satellite. “It was a big black object that stretched nearly from one horizon to the next. It was scary,” he said.

It wasn’t just UFOs: Jennifer Welch had on display two crystal skulls she claimed were ancient and originated from the Himalayas.

UFO believer Marcela said her two children laid their hands on the skulls and were energised.

“Just look at them,” the woman who only wanted to be known by her first name added, referring to her children who were racing around on what could have been mistaken for a sugar high.

David Hudson explained to the conference about a substance that alchemists have sought for thousands of years, and which he claims he rediscovered.

What he was talking about, with complicated diagrams and formulas, was Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements, also known as “white powder gold”.

Hudson said he had patented the process to make the substance, a miracle product that he believes is what the Bible refers to as “manna”. It has healing properties and has been sought by men through the ages, he claimed.

And for those still wanting to get more of a Martian fix, when they left the conference they could buy a piece of real estate on the red planet – certificate included. - Saturday Star