11/09/2008 Street names in Pretoria like Vermeulen and Paul Kruger Streets are going to be replaced with politically correct names in the near future. Picture: Phill Magakoe

Pretoria - The City of Tshwane on Tuesday lost its appeal against an earlier order compelling it to reinstate the old street names - together with the new names - pending court proceedings next year in which the renaming of the street names will be challenged.

This in effect means that the City will now have to display the old names, together with the new names.

Judge Bill Prinsloo, sitting in the high court in Pretoria, in April 2013 ordered that the old names had to be reinstated within 60 days.

Following the failed appeal, the City will now have until August to display the old names.

AfriForum in 2013 turned to the court, asking for an order provisionally interdicting the City from removing the old street names and replacing it with new ones.

This was pending a review application in which it aimed to ask the court to set aside the decision by the City to replace the old names with the new ones. Judge Prinlsoo at the time granted the interim order, pending the review, which is set to be heard in April next year (2016).

The City appealed against this order, which was on Tuesday turned down by Judge Eben Jordaan.

Tshwane complained that reinstating the old names, together with the new ones, would be costly. It was also argued that the proverbial horse had already bolted, as the new names are now in full use.

Judge Jordaan on Tuesday said the old street names were hastily removed by the City, even though a legal battle over the issue was pending.

He pointed out that the court which is due to hear the review next year, had not yet spoken the final word on the issue and it may well rule in favour of either party.

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