Scene of the #BlackMonday accident that left three people injured. Picture: Supplied.
Scene of the #BlackMonday accident that left three people injured. Picture: Supplied.

Johannesburg - Logistics company Jabula Plant Hire has denied involvement in a #BlackMonday truck crash that left several protesters injured on Monday. 

Three people were injured following a 13-vehicle collision on the N4, approximately 5km outside of Middelburg in Mpumalanga.

It is understood that a driver of a truck apparently lost control, causing the vehicle to crash into several others apparently riding in convoy as part of the #BlackMonday protest action.

The protests took place across the country in opposition to the rising number of farm murders in South Africa. 

Jabula Plant spokesperson Jaco Pretorius in a statement said the company was not responsible for the collision. 

“While we are greatly saddened by the accident that took place this morning we would like to clarify that the cause of the accident was not due to the negligence of our driver or caused by the truck he was driving.

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“The driver of our vehicle was trailing another vehicle from an unknown transporter at approximately 15 km/h when he saw the commotion ahead of him as well as the slow-moving traffic due to the motorcade."

He further explained that the driver then slowed down to a stop when he heard loud braking and collision sounds from behind.
Pretorius added: “As our driver observed to the rear to determine the cause of the braking sound, a truck belonging to Medina Transport then proceeded to drive past our truck, ploughing into the vehicles ahead.”
“According to the driver, it appeared that the driver of the other truck lost control of his vehicle while trying to avoid the slow-moving cars,” Pretorius explains.

Footage released by Jabula Plant Hire regarding the #BlackMonday protest that left three people injured. VIDEO: Supplied. 

He reiterated the stance that although one of its trucks was among those featured in pictures taken at the scene of the accident, it was not the same one that ploughed into the vehicles.

He confirmed that an investigation into the matter is currently underway, adding that DriveCam footage released proved this. 
“Jabula Plant Hire will do everything it can to assist the necessary authorities,” Pretorius concluded.