Pretoria - Approximately 300 young people have been crammed inside a house at Wonderpark in Pretoria after being scammed  by a man claiming to be in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

The man, known as "General", recruited young people from all across the country promising them that, for a fee, they will be absorbed into the SANDF. 

According to some of the people who have been at the house for more than five months, the living conditions have been horrible. 

"We have been paying month fee for food and accommodation. But we are living in squalor. Both boys and girls share rooms and accommodation," said one of the scammed recruits. 

The Military Police and the Gauteng Provincial Government confirmed they are investigating a case of suspected "human trafficking".

"Allegations are that the man collected an undisclosed amount of money from unsuspecting parents in KZN‚" the Social Development department said in a statement. 

"The young people are reported to have been stranded next to the Wonder Park Shopping complex since last week.

"Some are said to have left to unknown destinations." 

The department this morning dispatched a team of social workers to the scene to assist with food and transportation of all victims back to their homes. 

"The SANDF is attending to the matter through the Military Police."

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