Cape Town-24-02-2015 Nofemele Ngxobela(middle) had to barry her two sons Sakhele and Sanelise in December after they were killed by a mob in December.pic Phando Jikelo reporter Mike Nkalane

Cape Town - The families of six men killed in Kraaifontein last year say the victims’ penises were cut off, and they want them back.

The six were killed in a mob justice attack for alleged theft, but their families now believe they may have been killed for their missing organs.

Seventeen suspects arrested in connection with the murders appeared in the Blue Downs Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday for a bail application.

The bodies of the victims, aged between 18 and 30, were discovered by a passerby on a farm in Joostenberg Vlakte in December.

They had been stoned to death, and were lying face down with their hands and feet tied up.

The families of three of the deceased revealed on Tuesday that their bodies had been mutilated, and their penises removed.

“What did they do with them?” yelled Madimpho Masiu, 30, the sister of victim Lulama Dunga.

“Maybe they used them for ukuthwala (a get-rich-quick-ritual). We want his body parts. Our ancestors want his body in full so they can welcome him.”

Family and residents demanded that the suspects remain in jail.

“If they get bail they will keep on killing,” says an angry Madimpho, while the mob chanted “no bail, no bail.”

Madimpho says they are still baffled by why the six men were so brutally murdered: “We were told at first that they stole a bungalow.

“We were then told they stole stokvel money. We do not know which is which, leading us to conclude that they were killed for those missing penises.”

Nofomile Ngxabela, 54, the mother of deceased brothers Sakhele and Sandisile, says her sons’ privates were cut off.

“We are scared of the accused, they will kill us if they are released,” she says while sobbing.

“We want them to tell us where our sons’ penises are. We want to bury them properly. Black culture dictates that someone be buried with his body intact.”

Banathi Mbune says the community has been left divided after the incident.

“These people know each other... the situation is tense,” he says.

The lawyers representing the 17 accused were not ready so the bail application was held over till Friday.

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