Heatwave conditions in parts of SA, humans and pets at risk

File Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA/African News Agency

File Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA/African News Agency

Published Jan 10, 2023


Pretoria - The South African Weather Service (SAWS) says that parts of the Western Cape will experience a heat wave with extremely high temperatures until Wednesday.

The weather service said the heatwave will result in very uncomfortable conditions over the north-eastern interior of the province.

Temperatures reaching close to 40 degrees Celsius are likely to occur in the Central and Little Karoo region and sweep through the Eastern Cape reaching the Sarah Baartman district, Inxuba Yethemba and Raymond Mhlaba local municipality.

“When the temperature is extremely high, human’s ability to cool their bodies through sweating is reduced. This can be a real threat that could lead to hyperthermia.

“In an extremely hot environment, the most serious health and safety concern is a heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal if medical attention is not available immediately,” SAWS said.

Pets too are likely to experience discomfort as the unseasonably high temperatures take a toll on them.

During high temperatures, its advisable to move animals that are in cages or hutches, or provide cover for them because they may find it difficult to avoid the heat if they’re in a cage.

Cats often enter structures like sheds and greenhouses, so always check sheds and garages for cats before closing them up at night since they run the risk of suffering from heatstroke if they are locked in.

Try to provide cool, shaded areas for pets that are permitted outside. To keep them hydrated, make sure all pets have access to fresh water. Another excellent approach to keep pets cool is to provide them with water to play or relax in.