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Kimberley - The wife of a high-ranking ANC politician, who is also a member of the Northern Cape provincial legislature, is seeking a protection order against him following a history of alleged emotional and physical abuse.

The complainant said that she was coerced into withdrawing an assault case against her husband in January when her face was badly bruised.

The couple are expected to appear in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

The woman said her husband had instructed her to leave the house earlier this week, without any belongings or clothes.

“I have no alternative place to live and I have nowhere else to go. I have obtained an interim protection order against my husband.”

She said in terms of the protection order, he is not to supposed swear at her, touch or intimidate her or evict her from the house.

“Although it is an official residence, I am his customary law wife and I have a right to have a roof over my head,” the woman said.

She added that her husband called the police’s VIP protection unit and high-ranking police officers to their residence on Wednesday, saying that his life was in danger and that he needed to be protected.

“I was told that I should leave and that I would require a police escort if I needed anything from the house, which I refused.”

She stated that despite the façade of living a life of luxury, she had been trapped in a loveless marriage for the past 14 years.

“I have been on anti-depressant medication for the past four years and was hospitalised for depression. I am tired of living a lie by pretending that everything is fine.

“My husband is a respected politician. I loved him and never wanted to ruin his political career so I never reported the domestic abuse to anyone,” she said.

“I was dragged on the floor, held up against walls and was punched in the face. I have reached a point where I am not scared of anything because I have been through hell. I understand that he was placed under political pressure, but it does not justify him using me as a punching bag.”

She also said that she wanted to part ways amicably.

“I am not bitter or angry; I just want to be able to carry on with my life.”

Spokeswoman for the office of the Speaker of the legislature Mpho Masina stated that the relationship challenges involving the member of the Legislature and his partner was currently being attended to by the two families, as the customary marriage process had not been finalised.

“Therefore since the matter is between the families, an appeal is made to the media to respect and treat this matter with the sensitivity that it deserves,” Masina said.

“It is important to highlight both partners are going through a difficult moment in their relationship hence the discussions of the two families.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant Donald Mdhluli said on Thursday that domestic violence cases involving assault, could only be withdrawn before court.

“While assault cases can be reopened, the complainant will have to provide adequate reasons as to why the case was initially withdrawn.”

The ANC Women’s league in the Province had not provided comment at the time of going to print late on Thursday.

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