Members of the EFF and PAC along with other political movements protest during an illegal demonstration on the campus of the Wits University. PhotoL: KIM LUDBROOK/EPA

Johannesburg - Wits University students are regrouping after occupying the Senate House during a protest that disrupted lectures.

The Wits students and others from several universities embarked on another #FeesMustFall strike at the Wits University campus on Monday.

The students are calling for higher wages for workers, fees to fall and for charges to be dropped against students who are facing disciplinary action at all universities.

Students brandished sticks and fire extinguishers as they marched through the campus.

One worker who said she was in solidarity with the students said. “I understand their pleas but also for myself so that our contracts will be insourced as promised.”

Protesting student Andile said students will continue to protest until their demands are met. “It's only fair to us. We are here to fight for our rights.”

By the early afternoon the university was shut down with most departments and offices closing their doors.

Several scuffles broke out between feminist and LGBTI students who say that the movement sidelines them and allows them to be violated by members of the movement. “We're angry because women are not included in the #FeesMustFall movement. It's as if women in this movement don't count,” said one female student who asked to remain anonymous.

In Senate House, tables and chairs in the cafeteria area were overturned with powder from fire extinguishers all over the floor.

Pot plants in the concourse area were broken and overturned littering the floor with soil.

The protesters left Senate House peacefully after Campus Control gave an order that they should disperse.

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