Radovan Krejcir and a friend who came to check up on him after an attempt was made on his life via a multi pipe shooting device walks across the crime scene as police investigators work hard to find clues Picture: Timothy Bernard 24.07.2013

Johannesburg - The last known owner of the red VW Polo Cross used in the apparent assassination bid on Radovan Krejcir tried to mislead a team from The Star on Wednesday night.

The woman, who resides in a luxury complex in Kyalami, Midrand, was evasive, telling reporters: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The 49-year-old - whose name is known to The Star - denied owning the hatchback used in the attack, but security guards on night duty at her complex confirmed her identity.

Surprisingly, after only a few seconds, the woman denied that she ever owned a Polo Cross.

Police have confirmed that the Polo Cross, stolen in Brixton in April, belonged to the woman.

Meanwhile, Matt Gennrich, of Volkswagen SA, said the weapon used in the attempted hit could have been used in any other car.

It was just a bizarre incident and couldn’t be linked to Volkswagen SA, he said.

Cadet News Agency and Sapa

The Star