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£148m lottery winner's ex claims she assaulted him and treated him like ‘Paris Hilton’s dog'

By ANDREW LEVY Time of article published Mar 6, 2020

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London - The former lover of £148million lottery winner Gillian Bayford has revealed how she treated him like ‘Paris Hilton’s dog being carted around in a handbag’.

Gavin Innes, 45, described living with the multi-millionaire as like being locked ‘in a golden cage’ as she used her wealth to control him. His comments came after she admitted assaulting him.

He said Mrs Bayford, 47, would allow him to use her luxury cars – but threaten to take them away if they had an argument.

Despite what he calls her volatile temper, Mr Innes said his lover – who kept £74million of her EuroMillions win after she split from her first husband Adrian – was desperate for security and often spoke of marriage and having a baby.

Mr Innes spoke out after the mother-of-two, now known as Mrs Bayford-Deans after marrying convicted fraudster Brian Deans, admitted in court to attacking him.

He said: ‘I got to drive around in her amazing cars, use an iPhone she bought me and stay in her mansion. I didn’t value any of it but she thought I did.

‘The deal always felt to me like I had to please her. I felt trapped in a golden cage, like she is. If I ever tried to disagree with her then I would lose access to the Range Rover Evoque and Audi A3 she insured me on.’ Mr Innes began dating Mrs Bayford-Deans, whom he knew from school in Dundee, in 2017.

The father-of-one claimed he had no idea about her wealth at first – but began to wonder when she turned up for meetings in different expensive cars. He told The Sun: ‘That’s when I thought, “Hang on, where’s all this money coming from?” I asked her about it and she told me she was a lottery winner.’

Within weeks they were an item and he said she showered him with gifts including an iPhone, an Audi A3 and a £115,000 house. But he claimed the affair was soon marred by her angry outbursts. ‘It screwed with my head,’ he said. ‘She would be flipping her lid over something petty. Then she would be back to being all lovey. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I said we should live together. After that, she constantly brought up marriage. She seemed desperate to have a secure unit. But she made everything so intense.’

On Tuesday, at Dundee Sheriff Court, Mrs Bayford-Deans was convicted of a breach of the peace after admitting two attacks on Mr Innes before they split after six months in October 2017.

She was admonished – a stern rebuke from the judge under Scottish law – but her lawyer used the hearing to claim Mr Innes had treated the affair as a ‘pension fund’. But Mr Innes insisted: ‘I was never a gold-digger. I really fell for Gillian. We just clicked. But the truth is, I felt like Paris Hilton’s dog being carted around in a handbag.’

After the case Mrs Bayford-Deans denied buying a car for Mr Innes, discussing marriage with him, or withholding access to items following rows.

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