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London - A film crew reporting from a bakery which had been robbed 38 times were held captive in raid number 39.

They were interviewing staff at the Tutti bakery in Curitiba, in Brazil’s southern Parana state, when three men brandishing revolvers walked in and announced a hold-up.

The reporter and two cameramen from the RPC TV network and the bakery’s staff were held hostage for 20 minutes on Tuesday before the gang fled with cash from the till, cigarettes and food. They also took the film crew’s car keys and mobile phones.

The bakery’s owner said armed gangs had targeted his business 38 times in the past ten years. After the 39th raid, he said: ‘The robbers were very aggressive and also very cheeky. They even asked for a milky coffee and a pasty.’

Police tracked down and arrested the gang after following the GPS of one of the crew’s stolen phones. - Daily Mail