Bangkok -

Police say an activist who spearheaded silent protests against Thailand's military coup, including a campaign featuring a three-fingered salute inspired by the film The Hunger Games, has been freed on bail after a month-long detention.

Police Colonel Kittirat Noiponthong said on Wednesday that Sombat Boonngam-anong was released on conditions that he not incite unrest or travel overseas without permission from authorities.

He said Sombat was released on Tuesday after posting a 300 000 baht ($9 250) bail.

The veteran social activist faces a variety of charges, including inciting division in the country by organising protests, and faces penalties of up to several years behind bars.

Sombat was arrested June 5 after launching an online campaign calling for people to raise the three-finger salute to show opposition to the May 22 coup. - Sapa-AP