A convoy of Serbian police vehicles believed to be transporting alleged drug boss Darko Saric drives down to the special organised crime court in Belgrade. Picture: Marko Djurica

Belgrade - Police have arrested Darko Saric, a Serbian man suspected of trafficking cocaine from South America to Western Europe through the Balkans, Belgrade media reported on Tuesday.

B92 radio reported Saric was transferred to Serbia from its southern neighbour, Montenegro, on Tuesday morning.

Police were not available to corroborate the report, but a government spokesman said a news conference would be held later in the day.

Organised crime flourished during the Balkan wars in 1990s as communist Yugoslavia fell apart, leaving the region awash with weapons and allowing it to become a transit route for drugs.

Since then, all former Yugoslav republics have set their sights on joining the European Union and have stepped up the fight against organised crime as part of those efforts.

Last year, Kosovo police arrested Naser Kelmendi, blacklisted by the United States on suspicion of trafficking drugs to Europe. - Reuters