File photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay.

Luebeck, Germany - How about this for a personal stake in Brexit: Iain Macnab, mayor of the small town of Brunsmark in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, will have to vacate his post if Britain leaves the European Union.

That is because Macnab, 69, is Scottish. Brexit would make him a non-EU foreigner, stripping him of the right that EU citizens have to vote and stand in local or regional elections where they reside.

Macnab, who has been honorary mayor of this town of 160 people for 11 years, said he would very much regret having to resign. He continues to hope that Britain may consider holding a second referendum on its EU membership before leaving.

"After all, only now do the British really understand what Brexit holds for them," Macnab, who has been living in Germany since 1975, told dpa.

But if Brexit does go forward, Macnab has a plan for that, too: "When the time comes, I'll hand over the keys to my office and drink a nice Scottish whiskey," he said.