The map tweeted by the Canadian Joint Delegation to Nato. Picture: AP

Toronto -

It began with Canada tweeting some not-so-friendly travel tips for the Russian military: a map showing Russia and labelling Ukraine as “not Russia”.

That opening shot was enough to launch a Twitter war of words - and maps.

Canada's Nato Twitter account posted the map on Wednesday with the explanation: “Geography can be tough. Here's a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost and 'accidentally' enter Ukraine.”

The tweet went viral as America’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power retweeted it on Thursday.

Russia struck back by tweeting its own map showing Crimea as part of its territory.

Kiev accuses Russia of sending tanks, artillery and troops across Ukraine's border.

Russia says its only active duty soldiers in Ukraine were captured this week.

Moscow insists they had mistakenly wandered across the border. - Sapa-AP