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Santiago - A Chilean judge on Tuesday said he will seek the extradition of a Frenchwoman who was arrested in Germany last year over the assassination of a senator nearly a quarter-century ago.

Chile's Supreme Court must approve the request for the extradition of Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven before it is forwarded to German officials.

“We hope that the Supreme Court authorizes this extradition request,” Judge Mario Carroza told local media.

Carroza has been leading the investigation into the murder of late conservative senator Jaime Guzman by the radical left Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, known by its acronym in Spanish FPMR.

The lawmaker had close ties to General Augusto Pinochet, Chile's strongman whose dictatorship from 1973 to 1990 ended one year before Guzman's murder.

Verhoeven, who used the nom de guerre 'comandante Ana', was allegedly a leading member of the group around the time that Guzman was killed.

She was detained in January 2013 at an airport in Hamburg on an international arrest warrant after 18 years as a fugitive from justice.