Phnom Penh -

A man was killed in a dance-floor brawl at a party for the Cambodian New Year after stepping on another dancer's foot, local media reported on Thursday.

The man, in his twenties, was shot twice by the offended fellow reveller at a Buddhist temple in the south-eastern province of Kandal, the Cambodia Daily reported a local official as saying.

Two others were injured in the incident on Tuesday night.

“The suspect used the handgun known as a K59 to shoot the victims when he accused them of stepping on his foot while dancing,” local police chief Leng Srun told the Daily.

Violence frequently breaks out at Cambodian weddings, usually between drunken men over perceived slights, and often on the dance floor.

Last month, a man was killed when the groom and several guests took offence at onlookers who had stopped to watch the dancing, and attacked them with wooden clubs and iron bars.

In January, 11 people died after a jilted lover threw a grenade into a tent at a wedding party.

The same month at another wedding, a man stabbed to death a 25-year-old man who had been making fun of him.

Last year, a man was stabbed to death after stepping on someone's foot during dancing at one wedding, while at another, one unfortunate dancer who put a foot wrong was killed by men wielding a samurai-style sword.

Speaking after the latter incident, local police chief Ros Bunnan told the Daily: “It is always the result of some sort of argument during dancing.” - Sapa-dpa