Ex-military ruler Musharraf leaves Pakistan

By DPA Time of article published Mar 18, 2016

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Islamabad - Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who is facing treason charges, left the country early on Friday to have medical treatment in Dubai, reports said.

The government said on Thursday it would allow Musharraf to leave the country, a day after the nation's top court lifted bans that had prevented him from travelling internationally.

Musharraf needed to see a doctor in Dubai about back problems, which put him in the hospital several times in previous months, his lawyer Faisal Chaudhry said.

Musharraf came to power in 1999 by ousting the elected government, and ruled until 2008.

After a spell abroad he returned in 2013 to take part in elections but was subsequently charged in a series of criminal cases.

He was acquitted in January of the murder of a tribal chief but is still facing at least four other charges, including treason for suspending the constitution in 2007. He denies the charges.

The government decided to let him leave Pakistan following a commitment by Musharraf's lawyer that he would return, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan told media.

Musharraf had “committed to come back and face all cases,” Khan said.

He had promised to return in four to six weeks, Khan was reported as saying by The Dawn newspaper.

Another important case involving Musharraf is the murder of former two-time premier Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in 2007.


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