Mechanics of All Nippon Airways (ANA) work beside the company's Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane at Haneda airport in Tokyo on Wednesday. The US FAA has grounded 787s for safety checks after a series of incidents.

Washington - United States regulators grounded Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner passenger jet on Wednesday, saying a recent series of safety incidents meant urgent action was needed.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said it would require airlines to demonstrate that the plane's cutting-edge batteries were safe before allowing further flights. It has notified regulators in other countries of its action as well.

Japan's two leading airlines already grounded their fleets of Boeing 787s on Wednesday after one of the Dreamliner passenger jets made an emergency landing, the latest in a series of incidents that have heightened safety concerns over a plane many see as the future of commercial aviation.

All Nippon Airways said instruments aboard a domestic flight indicated a battery error, triggering emergency warnings. The incident was described by a transport ministry official as “highly serious” - language used in international safety circles as indicating there could have been an accident.

Boeing shares fell two percent in after-hours trading to $72.80 after the FAA announcement. - Reuters