A Bangladeshi health workers sits near the remains of victims, from a garment factory that burned down, as they wait to be taken to a lab for forensic testing at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Dhaka on November 26, 2012.

Dhaka, Bangladesh -

When a fire at a Bangladeshi garment factory killed 112 workers, dozens of their families did not even have a body to bury because the remains were burned beyond recognition. Two months later, they have yet to receive any of the compensation they were promised - not even their relatives' last paychecks.

An official with the country's powerful garment industry said DNA tests must first be conducted to confirm the losses of more than 50 families. He would not say why the families have not even received the wages their relatives had earned before the November 24 blaze.

Many of the families desperately need money after losing their primary breadwinners in the fire at the Tazreen factory, which made clothes for Wal-Mart, Disney and other Western brands. - Sapa-AP