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German found dead on drifting yacht

By AFP Time of article published Feb 29, 2016

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Manila - Police said on Monday they were investigating the mystery of a German man whose body was found slumped in the cabin of a yacht that was drifting off the southern Philippines.

Documents found on the yacht identified the dead man as Manfred Fritz Bajorat but the cause of death was unclear, with no signs of foul play, said Inspector Mark Navales.

“It is still a mystery to us,” said Navales, deputy police chief of Barabo town on Mindanao island where the body was taken.

The man was found seated at a desk in the radio room, slumped over on his right arm “like he was sleeping,” said Navales.

Forensic examiners concluded that the man had died more than four days before the yacht was found on Thursday by fishermen in the Philippine Sea about 100 kilometres from Barabo, he told AFP.

The investigation found no obvious signs of violence but could not determine the cause of death.

Items inside the yacht were scattered, according to Navales, who said the man's wallet was not found but that the yacht's radio, GPS and other valuable items were still there.

The German embassy could not be contacted for comment.


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