File photo: AP Photo/Ben Curtis.

Dresden - Police in the eastern German city of Dresden are investigating the discovery of 17 hand grenades in a sports utility vehicle parked near the city's central train station, police said on Tuesday.

Two men, aged 17 and 28, have been detained in relation to the incident.

Police inspected the vehicle late on Monday after an officer noticed it was parked illegally. The two men turned out to be natives of Bosnia-Herzegovina and were taken into custody while police checked to see if they were legally in Germany.

An initial search of the car turned up some drugs, so a sniffer dog was brought in. The dog found no further drugs, but uncovered the hand grenades, hidden behind some panels.

The area around the car was blocked off and the grenades were taken for inspection to see if they still posed a threat.

Authorities say they have no leads on why the men had the explosives in their car.