FILE: In this file photo dated 21/05/2013 of an Oxfam store in London as the Government is reviewing its relationship with the charity in the wake of sex allegations against some of the charity's staff. Saturday Feb. 10, 2018. The Department for International Development (DfID) took the decision after the charity denied claims it had covered up the use of prostitutes by aid workers in Haiti. (Nick Ansell/PA via AP, file)

The Haitian government said Wednesday it has permanently banned international charity Oxfam Great Britain from operating in the country following a scandal over sexual misconduct by some of its workers there.

A government statement said the action -- which followed a temporary suspension in February -- was taken because of Oxfam's "violation of Haitian legislation and serious breach of the principle" of human dignity.

Oxfam Great Britain chief executive Mark Goldring announced his resignation last month, saying that someone else should help "rebuild" the group following the scandal in Haiti.

He had resisted earlier calls to resign following revelations in February that Oxfam aid workers had used prostitutes while working in the island nation after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Oxfam Great Britain, part of Oxfam International, had lost funding and support after those revelations emerged. 

The scandal sparked additional claims about aid workers in Chad, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines, prompting the charity to launch an action plan against sexual harassment and abuse.