France's President Francois Hollande gestures after the traditional interview at the Elysee Palace following the Bastille Day military parade in Paris. Picture: Thibault Camus/Pool

Paris - French leader Francois Hollande on Monday denied having influenced the justice system in a corruption scandal surrounding Nicolas Sarkozy after the former president claimed he was the victim of “political interference.”

“I not only did not do it (influence the justice system) but I couldn't even have thought about it as it goes so against the conception of democracy and also the spirit of my responsibility,” he said in a television interview on France's national day.

Sarkozy has been hit by a series of graft allegations. He was charged several weeks ago with corruption and influence peddling over an alleged attempt to interfere in judicial proceedings in another case.

He vehemently denies the charges and gave a television interview denouncing “political interference.” - AFP