Homs, Syria.

Arab League observers have not been allowed to determine the real situation in Syria's protest hub of Homs and should return for the full picture, the French foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

“A few Arab League observers were able to be briefly present in Homs yesterday. Their presence did not prevent the continuing of the bloody crackdown in this city, where large demonstrations were violently repressed, leaving about 10 dead,” ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said.

“The brevity of their visit did not allow them to understand the reality of the situation in Homs. The Arab League observers must be allowed to return without delay to this martyr city, to travel everywhere in it freely and to have the necessary contact with the public.”

Valero said the international community would remain vigilant against any “deceit or manipulation” of the observers, who were due on Wednesday to visit three other key protest hubs after their trip to Homs on Tuesday.

“We reiterate our support for the implementation of the Arab League plan in all its components,” he said.

“The international community will be reassured when the violence has stopped, when the army had returned to barracks, when the political prisoners are freed and when foreign journalists will receive visas to go to Syria,” he said. -Sapa-AFP