Miners walk pass maakeshift tents near the site of a landslide at a gold mine in San Juan Arriba, on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. Rescuers labored with pickaxes and shovels to dig out 11 miners trapped by a landslide at a small gold mine in southern Honduras, and are close to reaching three of the workers, officials said. REUTERS/Jorge Cabrera

Mexico City - Emergency personnel and miners are supplying water and food to three trapped miners and are looking for eight others who disappeared when a tunnel collapsed at a small, wildcat gold mine in southern Honduras.

The head of the local fire department says rescue workers have contacted three of the trapped miners by shouting, and have gotten responses.

Marco Tulio Artica said Friday that rescuers have passed food and water to the three men through small gaps drilled through the rock slide.

He said the work is slow and hard. Workers have to use picks, shovels, small pneumatic drills instead of heavy machinery because of the risk of further collapses.

More than 100 police, firefighters, rescue workers and miners are working during the third day of rescue efforts following Wednesday's cave-in.