A still image from video footage shows what appeared to be missile hitting target in the air after surface to air missiles were launched into the air in Homs. Picture: SANA via Reuters

Damascus - Israel's overnight strikes on areas in the outskirts of Damascus and the central province of Homs killed 15 people, among them three children, a monitor group said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said six civilians were killed in the area of Sahnaya in the countryside of Damascus, but added that it was not immediately clear if they were killed in the airstrikes or from huge pressure caused by the blasts in the area.

It added that nine members of militias loyal to the Syrian government were also killed as a result of the airstrikes. One was a Syrian citizen and the rest were non-Syrians.

Syrian air defences on Sunday intercepted "hostile Israeli missiles" near the capital Damascus and the central province of Homs, official news agency SANA reported.

The missiles, fired by Israeli warplanes from Lebanese airspace, were targeting Syrian government military positions, SANA added. 

Some houses were damaged by the resulting pressure from the blasts, the agency said.

SANA said that four civilians, including a baby, were killed and 21 others, including children, were injured in Sahnaya due to the "aggression." 

Israel usually does not comment on the strikes it is alleged to have carried out in Syria.

Syrian and Iranian military facilities in the war-torn country have been hit several times by strikes in recent months.