Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is welcomed upon arrival at Sarajevo International Airport. Picture: AFP


Belgrade - Hollywood actress and director Angelina Jolie arrived in Sarajevo on Thursday for a conference on preventing sexual violence in conflicts.

As well as joining Friday's conference, Jolie is to hold meetings with top Bosnian officials and visit Srebrenica, where Serb forces killed around 8 000 Muslim boys and men in 1995, the Dnevi Avaz daily reported in its online edition.

She also has meetings lined up with victims of sexual violence during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war, which pitted Serbs against Muslims and Croats.

Nearly 100 000 people were killed in a conflict marred by atrocities on civilians of all sides.

In 2011, Jolie directed In The Land Of Blood And Honey, a film about a love affair between a Muslim girl and a Serb soldier.

She later attended its Sarajevo premiere. - Sapa-dpa