Indian Army soldiers carry a coffin containing the body of a colleague at a garrison in Rajouri district, about 170km north-west of Jammu.

Kashmir - One of the two Indian soldiers killed in a clash along the disputed Kashmir border was decapitated by Pakistani troops who then carried away his head, India's chief military spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We can confirm that one of the Indian soldiers was beheaded by the Pakistani army in Kashmir,” the spokesman J Dahiya told AFP.

“It was a dastardly act as they have taken away the head,” he added.

Military sources had earlier indicated that the soldier had been decapitated but Dahiya said he was only able to confirm the beheading on Wednesday afternoon after the victim's next of kin had been informed.

A Pakistan military official has denied that Pakistani troops fired on Indian troops or killed any Indian soldier in Tuesday's incident in the border region.

However Dahiya rejected the Pakistani response.

“They seem to be in a state of denial,” he said.

“We are absolutely convinced Pakistan army regulars were involved because it was a surgical strike with high calibre weapons.” - AFP