Transgender male Kaci Sullivan gave birth to baby Phoenix on November 11.

London - Five years ago Kaci Sullivan was delighted to become a mother after giving birth to a son.

And now, Kaci has given birth to a second child – but this time as a transgender man.

He is believed to be the first person in the world to give birth as a woman and then again after having transgender surgery.

Kaci Sullivan 32 weeks into his pregnancy.

Kaci Sullivan is 37 weeks into his pregnancy in this screengrab.

Mr Sullivan, 30, had Grayson by his ex-husband, giving birth as a woman. He then came out as transgender, which led to the break-down of his marriage. 

Kaci and Phoenix Sullivan

In 2013 he began transitioning from female to male by taking the hormone testosterone and undergoing a double mastectomy.

He then met his current partner Steven. They decided to have a baby and conceived naturally as Mr Sullivan still has a womb. He gave birth to baby Phoenix on November 11.