Nicosia - A Cyprus court has ordered a police inspector to pay 30 000 euros compensation to a female colleague for posting without her permission video of them having sex, reports said on Wednesday.

The Nicosia District Court heard that the 32-year-old policewoman had allowed her then lover to film the sex session - with a cellphone camera - but only on condition that it never be seen by anyone else.

Reportedly, the couple had a three-year affair but the 53-year-old refused to divorce his wife and marry his lover.

But to keep their affair going, he threatened to release the sex video if the woman ended their liaison.

The court said the woman had been “mentally shocked and morally damaged” by the tape going public.

The court also found the state-run Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation not guilty of libel over a news segment it ran on the video featuring the two officers.

The court said the broadcaster had not published the policewoman's name and had not aired any of the footage she appeared in. - AFP