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Madrid -

Two tourist bars on the island of Mallorca have come under criticism for offering free alcohol to women who give public fellatio, Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported on Thursday.

Videos of the practice circulating on social networking sites and Whatsapp show young foreign tourists performing fellatio on dozens of men in quick succession.

According to reports, it occurred in public for general viewing.

The bars are located in the Magaluf zone, a popular destination for mostly German and British visitors, especially during the summer months.

Spanish authorities decried the practice, but said they could not take action to stop sexual acts between consenting adults.

“This is morally reprehensible, and it's harmful for those who practice it.

But it is an activity between adults who are free to do as they see fit,” the director of Mallorca's Institute for Women, Isabel Llinas, told El Mundo.

Mayor Manu Onieva said that “every possible measure will be taken, to the legal extent possible, to eradicate these kinds of practices in our leisure zones.”

Another Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, reported that numerous advertisements billing fellatio contests are visible on the streets of Magaluf, suggesting that the practice is being picked up by establishments beyond the two initial bars. - Sapa-dpa