Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, attends an event to mark the anniversary of the attack on London Bridge, in London

London - Opposition members urged Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative party Friday to suspend a lawmaker after he tweeted an image of London's first Muslim mayor as a flying inflatable pig with a second pig behind it in an apparently sexual position.

"Can't believe Mike Fabricant tweeted that vile, Islamophobic image of [London Mayor] Sadiq Khan - thought it was a spoof," Labour lawmaker Chuka Umunna tweeted.

Can’t believe @Mike_Fabricant tweeted that vile, islamophobic image of @SadiqKhan - thought it was a spoof. He has just deleted it. Describes himself as an “MP dude” in his twitter profile but is clearly an “MP idiot”. @SayeedaWarsi is right on this - her party has a problem.

Fabricant later deleted the tweet, claiming he "did not see the detail on my small iPhone."

"I stupidly tweeted it in a meeting without checking it properly and hadn't spotted there was a face on it," he tweeted.

"I am genuinely sorry if it caused anyone offence."

Another Labour lawmaker, Afzal Khan, said the tweet was "abhorrent."

"Tory members, the former chair of the party, Sayeeda Warsi, and the Muslim Council [of Britain] have all called for an inquiry into Islamaphobia [in the Conservative party]," he tweeted, adding that Fabricant "must be suspended immediately."

The image included the joke caption: "Breaking news: Trump defeats Sadiq Khan in balloon wars," after the mayor's office allowed protesters to fly a 6-metre inflatable orange baby bearing Trump's face on Friday.

"I had been on TV saying that I thought the blimp was hypocritical, and when someone sent me the pic on my iPhone I thought it was a flying pig humping the Trump blimp," Fabricant claimed.

Trump has also been accused of racism against Sadiq Khan. The US president criticized Khan again in a controversial interview published by The Sun late Thursday.

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