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London - Brave Mila Dobby did not panic when her mother fell down the stairs and banged her head, leaving her unconscious.

Instead, the four-year-old picked up the phone, dialled 999 and saved her mum’s life.

The little girl has been praised for her quick thinking by Durham police, who released a recording of Mila’s emergency call.

In the six-minute call the little girl tells the operator her mother is asleep but ‘her head has a big bleeding’.

When asked to provide her surname, the youngster cannot remember but tells the call handler: ‘My dog is called Max’.

She eventually lets policemen in through the front door before paramedics arrive to take her mother Ellen Oselton to hospital.

Miss Oselton suffers from hypoglycaemia, which affects her blood sugar levels, and fell and hit her head at their family home in Consett, Co Durham, in April.

Mila’s dad Liam Dobby was at work at the time of the incident, so she was left alone with her younger brother Fraser when disaster stuck.

Miss Oselton, 24, said: ‘I was going up the stairs and I collapsed and split my head open.

‘I think I was unconscious for about 40 minutes.

‘If she hadn’t called 999, it might have been a different story. I needed medicine to correct the level of glucose in my blood.

‘This could have easily been a very different story and outcome. I am so proud of her.’

Mila and her parents were invited to Durham Police headquarters to meet call handler Jane Metcalfe, who said the toddler’s call was the most memorable in her 14 years working for the force. Mila was also presented with a certificate and goody bag.

Deputy Chief Constable Jo Farrell said: “We believe the young girl deserves some recognition for her bravery and quick thinking.”

Superintendent Colin Williamson said: ‘At first it was unclear if the call was a hoax. It sounded like a child playing on the line which means it could be disconnected to free up the line for other emergencies.’

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