File picture: Pexels

World - A New York policeman who shot himself has been the 8th policeman to commit suicide this year; prompting those who have suicidal thought to seek mental health counselling. 

The cop based in the New York Police Department cop took his own life by shooting himself inside his Yonkers, New York, home, sources said.

The off-duty policeman left a note when he shot himself in the head about 3:30am sources said. He had been in the department for 7 years. 

His fiancee was in the home when he shot himself. He died at the scene.

He is the eighth NYPD cop to take his own life this year. Four officers killed themselves in July. 

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan last month encouraged officers to seek mental health counseling if they were having suicidal thoughts and said they would not risk losing their jobs if they did so.