File picture: Ross D. Franklin

New York - A Delta Air Lines flight made an emergency landing at a New York airport on Wednesday after a cockpit indicator signalled a hydraulic system problem, and the aircraft later rolled into a grassy area, an airline official said.

Flight 886, which was carrying 118 passengers and five crew from an Atlanta airport to New York's LaGuardia Airport, was diverted to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) because it has longer runways, Delta spokeswoman Leslie Scott said.

“It wasn't travelling fast when it happened,” Scott said. “They landed normally at JFK, but once they were taxiing to the gate, the aircraft exited the taxi-way and ended up in the grassy area.”

There were no reports of injuries, and passengers were disembarked and shuttled to a terminal, Scott said. The plane left at about 6.45pm Eastern Time (22h45 GMT) and landed at JFK at about 9pm Eastern Time.

A cockpit indicator signalled a problem with the hydraulic system, which controls multiple systems, including the brakes, as the plane was descending into the New York area, Scott said. - Reuters