South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Presidential Blue House in Seoul. File picture: Kim Hong-Ji/Pool Photo via AP

Seoul, South Korea — South Korea's president has joined the growing number of supporters of the country's MeToo movement.

President Moon Jae-in said in a meeting with his advisers Monday that he expressed respect to the victims who spoke up against some of South Korea's most powerful men for their sexual misconduct and urged authorities to investigate the cases thoroughly, according to his office's website.

Moon also said gender violence and sexual misconduct can be uprooted only when culture and views change in society, calling for a wider MeToo movement across the country.

In the past weeks, many women in conservative South Korea have publicly accused high-profile figures in art, entertainment, religion and literature of sexual misconduct. Some of the accused, including veteran actor Cho Jae-hyun and stage director Lee Yoon-taek, issued public apologies.