Members of Brazil's Homeless Workers' Movement march as they block a road during a protest near Sao Paulo's World Cup stadium. Picture: Nacho Doce

Sao Paulo -

About 4 000 protesters in Brazil's biggest city were peacefully marching toward the stadium that will host the World Cup's opening match, calling on the government for low-income housing.

Live television images on Wednesday night were showing the mass of marchers making their way down a main thoroughfare in eastern Sao Paulo. They were holding aloft banners and blocking traffic.

The Homeless Workers’ Movement organised the march. They previously organised three similar marches - all carried out in a peaceful manner.

It was the latest protest in Brazil ahead of soccer's premier event.

Last year, anti-government protests that in part targeted the billions spent to host the World Cup took over streets across Brazil during the Confederations Cup soccer tournament. Several saw violent clashes between police and the demonstrators. - Sapa-AP