US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign stop at American Posts, a manufacturer of metal fence posts, in Toledo, Ohio.

Mitt Romney followed up key victories in Michigan and Arizona with another win in Wyoming's non-binding Republican presidential straw poll, according to state party officials.

The poll was carried out alongside precinct caucuses held throughout February and concluded late on Wednesday, but the state's delegates will be allocated at county conventions held next week, a party official told AFP.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, won 39 percent of the vote, followed by former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, his main rival, with 32 percent, Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 21 percent and former House speaker Newt Gingrich with eight percent.

Wyoming has the smallest population of any state, with less than 600 000 people, and will divide its 26 delegates among the candidates.

CNN projected that Romney would win 10 delegates, Santorum nine, Paul six and Gingrich one.

The state-by-state battle for the right to take on Democratic President Barack Obama in the November general election is heating up ahead of Super Tuesday, March 6, when 10 states will vote simultaneously. - AFP