A protester holds a sign as a BRT Transcarioca bus pulls up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Picture: Silvia Izquierdo

Rio de Janeiro -

Brazil has delivered parts of one of the costliest infrastructure projects built ahead of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

President Dilma Rousseff rode a bus on Sunday to mark the official opening of a $700 million bus corridor for quickly moving people between the airport and subway stations in the western part of the city. None of the city's subway lines go to Rio's international airport.

The Transcarioca bus system is a 39km line with dedicated lanes for buses that are expected to carry 320 000 passengers a day. While the line is now open, not all of its bus stations have been completed.

Outside the station where Rousseff arrived, protesters gathered to complain about the lack of spending in education and health care. - Sapa-AP