Fireworks are seen over the Olympic Park during the opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Sochi will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games from February 7 to February 23. REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk

Moscow - Russian police in Moscow on Friday detained at least 23 people, including 10 gay rights activists, who were staging a protest against the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, a local website reported.

Some 10 gay rights activists were detained on Red Square after they unfolded rainbow flags, the news site reported.

The site posted photos on Twitter showing activists being takenaway by officers.

Among them where Swedish gay rights activists Urika Westerlund and Kerstin Burman, the report said.

Earlier, police detained at least 13 activists who protested against the Games, Russian media reported.

Some of them unfurled a banner saying “No Olympics in a Police State”, the website said.

Among the detained were seven onlookers and one journalist, the report said.