Johan Francois Schwartz (pictured) was questioned for 10 hours over the death of an alleged home invader who struck while his wife and child were sleeping. Picture: Facebook
Sydney - A South African-born man living in Sydney is expected to find out in the coming days if he will be prosecuted over the death of an alleged home invader.

Forty-four-year-old Johan Francois Schwartz was released without charge after he was interrogated by Australian police for more than 10 hours.

The results of a post-mortem examination will determine whether Schwartz will face criminal charges over the death of the intruder.

Police say Schwartz found Bradley Soper, 35, at his Harrington Park home when he heard dogs barking. Schwartz found Soper metres from where his wife and baby were sleeping.

A violent confrontation between the two men ensued and Schwartz restrained Soper, who lost consciousness.

Efforts to revive the unconscious man were unsuccessful and was later pronounced dead.

Friends of Soper, a bodybuilder, claim he may have been confused about his whereabouts and insist that his behaviour before the incident was out of character.

"People are entitled to (defend) their home, they're entitled to use reasonable force to protect themselves and their property," Camden Police Chief Inspector Shane Woolbank said at a press conference.

"The autopsy will determine hopefully his cause of death, which will be a significant factor in where we take this investigation."

If Soper is found to have died as a result of excessive force, Schwartz could be charged with murder or manslaughter.