File picture: kiwikong/Pixabay

A woman was shot by a puppy after it jumped onto a loaded gun in her truck.

Tina Springer, 44, was hit in the thigh while sitting in the passenger seat of the pick-up at a railway crossing.

The labrador was frightened by a passing train in Enid, Oklahoma, and became agitated, leaping on a .22-calibre handgun resting on top of the truck’s console.

The puppy, called Molly, belonged to driver Brent Parks, 79. She was in the back seat when the gun went off.

As Miss Springer cried out in pain, Mr Sparks made a tourniquet for her leg with his belt. Miss Springer, who is Mr Parks’s carer, is expected to recover. In a recording of the emergency call last week, an operator asks: ‘The dog shot her?’ ‘Yeah,’ Mr Parks responds, ‘she stepped on it and it went off. But anyway, can you get an ambulance out here?’

Springer can be heard saying: ‘I don’t feel good’ and ‘tell my kids I love them’.

It is not the first incident of its kind. In 2015, a woman in Indiana was shot in the foot by her dog. Allie Carter, 25, was hunting waterfowl when her labrador, named Trigger, stepped on her 12-gauge shotgun.

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