A demonstrator protests against the passing of the Protection of State Information Bill outside Parliament in Cape Town.

London - For many years, the spot in front of South Africa House in Trafalgar Square in London was the venue for protests against the jailing of Nelson Mandela.

On Saturday morning, that tradition is to continue – with a new twist.

The South African community in London is planning a protest against the muzzling effects of the Protection of State Information Bill at the door of the SA High Commission.

An application for the demonstration was filed with the Westminster Council on Friday and approval is expected on Thursday at the latest.

Ludré Stevens, global chairman of the Democratic Alliance Abroad, said: “All South Africans, no matter where they live, including those living overseas, must stand up for their rights.

“We want to go back to South Africa one day. All of us have family there for which we care. We, and our families, will be affected detrimentally by this act. This battle is not over. It has just begun.”

The organisers are using Facebook to sign up demonstrators and are expecting between 500 and 1 000 people to be present.

They have notified the SA High Commission and expect one of its representatives to receive their memorandum of protest on Saturday morning.

South Africans are being encouraged to bring South African flags, placards and posters to the demonstration. - Foreign Service