File picture: Antonio Parrinello/Reuters
File picture: Antonio Parrinello/Reuters

'Sex slave' flees Islamic State then bumps into her captor in Germany

By FIONN HARGREAVES Time of article published Aug 18, 2018

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London - A Yazidi girl who escaped to Europe after she was forced into slavery has fled back to Iraq because she ran into her Isis captor in Germany.

Ashwaq Ta’lo was kidnapped and sold when she was 15 after Isis fighters attacked her home in Sinjar, northern Iraq.

The Kurdish teenager was bought by Isis guard Abu Humam for around £80, taken to Syria and forced to convert to Islam.

But more than two years after her escape, Miss Ta’lo was stopped by Humam in Stuttgart. She told Kurdish agency Basnews: ‘I froze when I looked at his face carefully?…?it was Abu Humam, with the same scary beard and ugly face. I was speechless when he started speaking in German, asking, “You’re Ashwaq, aren’t you?”’

When she reported him to German police, she was told they could not do anything to deport him as he was also a refugee.

Miss Ta’lo was rounded up along with her entire family in 2014.

Humam bought Miss Ta’lo and took her to Mosul, where she said she was forced to pray five times a day and memorise the Quran in Arabic.

She claimed Humam abused her every day for more than ten months before she fled in the summer of 2015.

Miss Ta’lo said she was able to run away because she laced her captors’ food with sleeping pills.

Along with four other slaves, she walked for 14 hours to Mount Sinjar and reunited with members of her family in Iraqi Kurdistan.

She later travelled to Germany as an asylum seeker.

The teenager was living with her mother and two brothers in Stuttgart and had started learning German at school. She was approached by Humam in the street in February this year, two and a half years after she escaped.

Her former abuser claimed he knew where she lived and who she was living with.

After the encounter Miss Ta’lo hid from Humam in a market before telling her brother and reporting it to police.

She said: ‘The police told me that he is also a refugee, just like me, and that they could not do anything about it.’

Miss Ta’lo decided to return to Kurdistan, where she now lives with her father. The teenager’s sister is still being held by Isis and five of her brothers are missing.

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